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Farnham Masonic Centre - Find Us

(and where to park)

Castle Lodge

42 Castle Street,




Directions: M3 J4. Take the A331 towards Aldershot. At the end of the A331, follow

signs to Farnham on the A31. Stay in the right hand lane of the A31 and join the

Shepherd and Flock roundabout. Take the first exit onto Guildford road, and follow the

road as it becomes East Street, then Dogflud Way, and then The Borough. At the traffic

light stay in the left lane and turn left onto South Street. Get into the right hand

lane and follow the traffic routing, right, onto Union road. Follow the road round to

the right where it becomes Downing Street.

Now the choices:

To find Castle Street, stay in the right hand lane and at the top of Downing Street

follow the road, right, back onto The Borough, then after about 50 meters turn left

onto Castle Street. The Lodge is virtually the last building on the left up the Hill.

To find the Hart Car Park, join the left hand lane in Downing Street, and at the top

bear left onto West Street. In about 150 meters turn right onto The Hart. Follow the

road as it bears to the right onto Long Garden Way, and finally left into the Pay and


From the Hart Car Park there is an alleyway leading onto Castle Street, and is about 5

minutes walk. Please refer to map which shows the alleyway, in red.